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Hello, I'mCole Walker

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer based out of New Jersey. I currently work as a Software Engineer for Agency Spotter. I graduated Cum Laude from William Paterson University with a Bachelor's of Computer Science in May 2020. I'm skilled in both front-end and back-end development, I have extensive experience with Node.js, React, TypeScript, jQuery, SCSS, and web accessibility, and I've dabbled in Vue, (this site was built with Vue and Gridsome) AngularJS, Python, Go, Java, C++, SQL, and the list goes on. I'm a tinkerer, so I've played around with more technologies than would be reasonable to list. I live to learn and love to explore new and interesting things.

I love touching both ends of the stack. Nothing feels more satisfying to me than building applications which required a lot of thought and effort.

jQuery, Node.js, React, SCSS

Web ApplicationRandom Episode Picker

A web app which picks an episode of a tv show for you. It connects to the Open Movie Database API using an express proxy server, (so I don't share my API credentials with the world) and returns some information about the episode chosen. I used AngularJS for this project, and streamed the entire coding process on my twitch channel. I built it because I always know what show I want to watch, but hate choosing the episode.

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Tech Stack

  • AngularJS
  • Typescript
  • Express
  • Node.js
  • Git
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Mobile AppCountdown Timer

A countdown timer built in React Native. I actually designed this first, without any intention of programming it, but I received some requests to make it a real thing, so I did so. The goal of this application was to create a stylish way of seeing how much time there was until a certain date. I also wanted the user to be able to customize the interface to their heart's content, so there is a rich settings page with loads of goodies, including a gradient background picker, image background picker, and text color option.

I used React Native, Expo, and Redux to build this application.

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WebsiteRandom Picker

A PWA built with React that I built on stream. The idea of this application is simple, you can create a list of items that you'd like to randomly pick something from, and when you receive a random item, it'll remove that item from the list. I am aware that many applications exist that do this, but I found their UX to be lacking, so I built my own to fit my needs.

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Tech Stack

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Git
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