Working from Home Tip: Don't be Afraid of Analog

Early on in my days as a programmer, I believed that technology and screens were the future. I thought that by default, an app would be better and more efficient than using its analog alternative. I opted for apps over calculators, apps over traditional to-do lists, and using a laptop for ALL of my notes, even when it was suboptimal.

I was thinking about it the wrong way. I now believe that we should search for analog methods first, and switch to technological solutions only when we realize that the analog solutions do not fit our needs.

My number one increase in productivity came from replacing my to-do list applications with a physical planner. I found that there was nothing more addictive to me than that feeling of crossing off an item. I wasn't getting that with my to-do list applications, and that was what made me re-think my position on analog.

Having a calculator at my desk allows me to make those quick computations much quicker than searching for my calculator app and typing in the numbers and symbols there.

Having a scratchpad for flowcharts and psuedo-code is infinitely more convenient and quicker than any kind of technological solution for doing so.

Additionally, most of our waking hours are spent staring at screens, which is proven to have consequences on our health, and personally makes me feel more irritable. I urge you to take advantage of whatever brief recess from screens you can, it'll make you more productive, and potentially feel better.